Monday, December 3, 2012

The Four Visitors

"I sit and await my master’s visitors atop the wheeled vehicle that will take them to his dwelling. The star of this world shines brightly from high above. The air is heavy and warm as it drifts across the empty flatlands surrounding the spaceport. It is past the scheduled rendezvous and another shuttle has just landed; those I wait for should arrive soon.
 Finally the guarded doors into the main structure open and a lone figure slides out into the light. The figure wears dark, dirty, tattered robes and a cowl that thoroughly hides his facial features except for his glowing orange eyes. As he approaches, I note that he stands nine feet tall and has broad shoulders. He reaches me and I find his voice and tone give the same impression as his physique - it is soft and mysterious, quiet as the whisper of the wind. And strangely enough I cannot read this man. Even as his hood brushes the pads of my feet as he climbs beneath me into the vehicle, I can sense no physical presence, dark or otherwise - I cannot even smell him. It is as if he is the very wraith he appears to be.
 I arch an eyebrow and return my attention to the doors ahead. Approaching with a steady, powerful gate is a three foot Bowroaky in plain garb and wearing a small sword across his back. As he approaches I notice the deep, ugly scars that cover nearly every inch of his exposed skin. His compact, neckless physique forces him to stop about seven feet away so he can direct his gaze at me by only moving his deep blue eyes. His voice is deep and curt - there is an aura of power and seriousness emanating from him. Everything about him suggests that gentleness and even compassion are not things he deals in regularly.
 There is a shout from ahead and I return my attention to the doors leading into the spaceport. Running towards me is a young Neleyon man about five feet tall in a flowing, silken tunic and heavy travel pants. Energy radiates from his handsome face like fire from a star. His shock of brilliant white hair and smiling, neon blue eyes do nothing to dissuade from his youthful fervor. He treats me with perfect respect as we begin to speak - his youth and inexperience showing through as he stutters slightly before getting his facts straight. I grin as the young man climbs into the vehicle beneath me. If this boy is the only bright spot among these visitors at least that will be something.
 I glance up into the sky and find that, surprisingly, it has been two hours since I started waiting. Where is the fourth? Two shuttles had landed in that time - the fourth should have been on one of those. It is then that I notice one of the guards begin to open a door into the port. Out of the shadows gracefully glides a nine foot Deon woman. The sound of her footsteps is soft and light as she approaches me. The hem of her elegant dark green dress brushes gently against the stone under foot. I detect the sweet scent of flowers when she stops before me and I see for the first time that her perfect brown skin has a slight green hue to it. Her tender smile is sincere as she bows her head to me and we begin to speak. Her voice is gentle, kind, and respectful. A definite aura of calm and compassion surround her, but somehow there is also a deep distinguishing mysteriousness in her bright emerald eyes.
 Leaping down from the top of the vehicle, I bow low to the regal lady as she steps into the sleek vehicle. I close the door behind her and climb up into the front cabin. Starting the motor, I begin to answer questions from my passengers as I start the vehicle off towards my master’s homestead. As I pick out each of their voices and glance in the mirror at my master’s incredibly diverse guests, I can’t help but wonder why they are here. . .

~ J D White


  1. A well written piece. The descriptive words are excellent. When I read it it feels like you truly love words. The characters traits are also explained in words that all can relate to I would really want to read more about them.
    I do, though,feel that it needs some attention when each of the characters come in to the scene, it feel's a little stretched out.

    1. Thank you, I am planning on fixing it up and expanding the story. But I still need to finish a few of the other projects I've been working on completing. ;P :)

      Thank you for posting it, too :)


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