Monday, January 7, 2013

Would you read this?

Who is Truly Rich 

A for - hire assassin, at the age of sixteen has never receive or felt love, even from her own mother, has been caught by the state. Unable to fill out the lifelong sentence she has one more chance to renew her life. 
Mr. Roger the richest man in New York makes her his ward.

So a girl from the streets, who lives with a wish to die, becomes an heir to be met by riches and a treasure that comes from the most unexpected places. A butler, chauffeur, and a young boy.   



  1. Hmm . . . It would depend on how it was approached, I suppose.

    It definitely sounds like an interesting concept, though :)

    (Is this where the scene you posted of the same title: 'Who is Truly Rich' came from?)

  2. Thank you, and yes, the scene is from this story.

  3. Interesting idea...


  4. I think it sounds pretty good. Depends on how you write it out in detail.


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